Business life is hard and expat life might be even harder. 

Stressful office life, endless meetings and feeling like in a rat wheel. These are too much for a single person to handle every day.  Even though every working environment does not have the worst scenario, it still might be quite exhausting emotionally and the person who is living in this environment may need psychological help for having better relationships with collogues or having good mental condition to prevent fatigue of submitting tasks continuously and of course stay away of any burnout risks. As it’s clear to see that challenging with business life has many components, it’s obvious that an efficient psychological help need to be customized and well planned individually.  While this customization process already needs special qualifications of desired psychologists for arranging psychotherapy process for a person who is living in home country and the culture which is already experienced for many years, on the other hand when the person is living far from his homeland, and works as an expat in different country, the whole psychotherapy process needs to be designed by keeping eye on this aspect too. 

As 21st century’s fast changing lifestyles and living conditions, modern psychotherapists should develop various approaches to the different situations of their clients and prepare solution-oriented psychotherapy plans. In any side of it, even for people who work in small boxes in huge business centers or the ones who has no physical borders but need to work almost 7 / 24 as working ‘’online’’, whole business life is like a completely different world with various dynamics than everyday life. It is not possible for every psychologist to tame this world well from outside. As the lack of understanding decreases quality of the sessions, this effects client’s psychology as well. In this scenario, psychotherapy sessions may turn into moments when the client feels inferior because of thinking source of problem as that he / she is not expressing himself / herself well. 

As it’s difficult to understand the dynamics of the business world from outside, we may encounter a similar situation at understanding expat life. The process of adaptation to the new community and the process of stabilization on new area over time may include some details that a psychologist who did not experience similar situation may miss.

What we offer?

In our psychology center, we offer psychological support that is tailored, goal-oriented, guided by two-way feedback given by both the client and the psychotherapist. In addition to our psychotherapy sessions, we offer professional life coaching support where our psychotherapists who have received coaching training can help you improve yourself. As an extension of this support, we direct our clients to the right professionals in various health fields (eg nutrition, exercise) that we have experienced. 

In order to provide the psychological support you need, especially in business life or expat life, Clinical Psychologist Ömer Faruk Aykut, the founder of our psychology center, has psychology (In English) degree and clinical psychology education at master’s degree , as well as the current position of Innovation Manager in an international tourism company and his experiences of years in business life is ready to create a psychotherapy plan that takes into account your circumstances.

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